Our Latest Testimonials

Since the dawn of 2018 we have received an unprecedented number of applications for Historical Certificates.  World events have inspired a generation of Irish people by Descent to claim their Irish Citizenship so as they can apply for an Irish Passport.  Hardly surprising when it’s been rated in the Henley Index Top 5 Passports in the World for freedom of Travel.  People apply for Irish Certificates, for a myriad of different reasons, some are shared below.  Our clients are not just numbers on a screen, they are people we build relationships with and support by the process of locating Certificates for dispatch.  We endeavor to dispatch in 1-2 working days, ever conscious that we live in a fast-paced world where time is often of the essence.  We have decided, with our clients permission, to share some of our most memorable stories with you.


“I would just like to say a huge thank you to Jackie for her wonderful customer service. It is my second time to order a birth cert over the phone and both times she has been so helpful. You are very lucky to have her on your staff!! Please extend my thanks..Regards,”  Roisin, Department of Social Protection


“Dear Steve, I am writing to compliment you and your colleagues on my recent “experience” in requesting my grandfather’s birth certificate. The reason for my request is that I have a daughter now living in France with family and having access to an EU passport will make visiting her so much less constrained with the 90 day time limit applying to Australian passport holders. So taking advantage of my Irish heritage and gaining access to your service is part of this process. With that said what a terrific service it is!  The on-line system for making requests and the quality of the feedback in tracking progress of the request was exemplary. I can say this in absolute as well as relative  terms as I have been making similar requests of the local BDM service. Yours is a gold medal performance. The locals did not get past the heats! So thanks again and keep up the good work. You are providing  a valuable service that makes a difference to people’s lives. Feel free to pass on to your colleagues. Best Regards,” Brian – Victoria, Australia


“Hi Trevor, Thank you so much for your help. Regards,” Barbara – UK


“Hi Trevor, thank you for your perseverance. The Michael Leahy of the Valley, Fethard, could be our man but there is no certainty. He could have died on the 29th and not the 27th; he could have died in Fethard; he could have been 20 when he died; his mother could have been present at his death. He could have died at home instead of in the monastery. Hmmmmm. How I wish I lived in Ireland – I live in Sydney. I will add it to my list of jobs when next I visit. Again, thank you for your help. Do I owe you some money? Very best wishes,” Stephen – Ryde Sydney


“Dear Trevor, that is superbly efficient! Thanks for the notification – I’ll keep an eye out for the certificate. Kind regards,” Erica – Miriam Tighe & Co


“Dear Steve, many thanks for your very prompt reply. I have Logged in and changed password and have now been able to order the Certificate I need. I have remarked to the Vice Consul and several Irish friends here in Hong Kong, that of all the BDM Offices I have dealt with in the last 6 months, the Irish is by far the most efficient! One actually gets a very helpful response from a human being, rather than a computerised reject! Please pass this on to any relevant colleagues. Regards,” Tom – Hong Kong



“Hello  Trevor, thank you for your email. On my behalf of myself  and my family  we are so happy to now know when my grandmother  was born and who her parents  were and where they came from it means so much  to us. Yours hopefully,” Kathleen – UK


“Oh my GOD. I am so happy!! Thank you so very much, it was a BLAST”  in reference to the search and dispatch of her Great Grandfather’s Birth Certificate.  Searching different name variations and possible years of Birth, we finally located the much longed-for Civil Certificate.  Jeannie needed this record of Birth to erect a headstone on her Grandfathers Grave and was finally able to do so!  The details on the Certificate gave her his date and place of Birth as well as his parents name.” Jeannie S. (USA) 


“The Team at BDM was so very helpful in finding my grandfather’s hard copy Irish birth certificate from over 100 years ago. The staff were very dedicated and proactive and went the extra mile to find the certificate in time for me to obtain Irish citizenship prior to my daughter arriving. Now she is Irish too!”  Malcolm M. (Australia) 


“I recently had need of the assistance of www.birthsdeathsmarriages.ie and I was very, very impressed with the service that they offer. The level of professionalism and diligence with which they carried out their duties was greatly appreciated! The team at www.birthsdeathsmarriages.ie went above and beyond the call of duty and their assistance was instrumental in helping me to solve a big problem!” Dara B. (Irish Consulate abroad)