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Our Latest Testimonials-

Since the dawn of 2018 we have received an unprecedented number of applications for Historical Certificates.  World events have inspired a generation of Irish people by Descent to claim their Irish Citizenship so as they can apply for an Irish Passport.  Hardly surprising when it’s been rated in the Henley Index Top 5 Passports in the World for freedom of Travel.  People apply for Irish Certificates, for a myriad of different reasons, some are shared below.  Our clients are not just numbers on a screen, they are people we build relationships with and support by the process of locating Certificates for dispatch.  We endeavor to dispatch in 1-2 working days, ever conscious that we live in a fast-paced world where time is often of the essence.  We have decided, with our clients permission, to share some of our most memorable stories with you.


Jeannie S. (USA) Writes –

“Oh my GOD. I am so happy!! Thank you so very much, it was a BLAST”  in reference to the search and dispatch of her Great Grandfather’s Birth Certificate.  Searching different name variations and possible years of Birth, we finally located the much longed-for Civil Certificate.  Jeannie needed this record of Birth to erect a headstone on her Grandfathers Grave and was finally able to do so!  The details on the Certificate gave her his date and place of Birth as well as his parents name.


Malcolm M. (Australia) Writes –

“The Team at BDM was so very helpful in finding my grandfather’s hard copy Irish birth certificate from over 100 years ago. The staff were very dedicated and proactive and went the extra mile to find the certificate in time for me to obtain Irish citizenship prior to my daughter arriving. Now she is Irish too!”


Dara B. (Irish Consulate abroad) Writes

“I recently had need of the assistance of www.birthsdeathsmarriages.ie and I was very, very impressed with the service that they offer. The level of professionalism and diligence with which they carried out their duties was greatly appreciated! The team at www.birthsdeathsmarriages.ie went above and beyond the call of duty and their assistance was instrumental in helping me to solve a big problem!” – July 2018


Neill & Jean H. (Irish Abroad)

“In September 2018 our family were booked on our first holiday in over 5 years, a trip to South Africa to celebrate our son’s 16th Birthday with his Grandmother. However after flying to Paris we were informed late in the night that we couldn’t continue our trip without a copy of my son’s birth cert. The difficulty was the his birth certificate was locked in our house back in Ireland.  The Airline only allowed us 1 rescheduled day to get a replacement birth cert or they would cancel our flights and hence lose our holiday. In a desperate effort I filled in an online form requesting an online copy close to Midnight on Monday. 

On Tuesday morning, we rang the www.birthsdeathsmarriages.ie office, from the Irish Embassy in Paris to explain our situation. To our delight we found the Client Support Advisors extremely understanding and they really pulled out all the stops – with the result that the Irish Embassy received the cert by email within 1 hour allowing us to continue our special holiday! We express our heartfelt thanks to the Client Support team, who went well beyond what could be expected of them … and all this in a very friendly and professional manner.  Thanks again!”