Applying for Citizenship through Descent? The Documents you need.

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What Documents Do I Need when applying for Citizenship by Descent?

Those seeking to apply for Irish Citizenship by Descent require the Civil Documents to prove their Lineage (proof of Irish ancestry).  Not always an easy task, to make the process a little less painless and to answer the questions which commonly arise, we have compiled the most common case scenarios in the below links.  We hope that you will find this guide useful and that it helps you to wade, without too much difficulty, through the application process.


Those applying to an Irish Embassy for citizenship DO NOT require an Apostille Stamp to be applied to their documents. These Civil documents are required in order to have an acceptable application for inclusion on the Register of Foreign Births.  Therefore, they are crucial documents to the application process.  Compiled from the most commonly asked questions and from in-house case studies, the following articles may be of interest if you are considering an application.


The Department of Foreign Affairs must be presented with Civil Records of Birth, Death and Marriage to prove family links.  They will also require various other pieces of supporting documentation.  Civil documents can be ordered for express dispatch (in normal cases 1-2 working days) from


When you have obtained the relevant certificates to support your application, contact the Department of Foreign Affairs at


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