Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread

Posted in News on 2nd October 2018

Irish Soda Bread

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Autumn is here, the leaves are turning 🍁🍂 and the wind is picking up.  It’s time to get cozy, eat well, keep warm and prepare for the long nights ahead.  Samhain is knocking on the door! October being a very important month in the Celtic calendar.  A tradition in most Irish country homes is the baking of brown soda bread 🍞.  Many glossy versions appear on the internet with demo’s and recipe articles but we found this one from YouTube to be a charming little demonstration, recorded in an Irish Mammy’s kitchen, it’s an authentic and real glimpse into rural Irish life.  It doesn’t matter where in the world the Irish Mammy is, she knows where to find the ingredients for Soda Bread 😊

Methods and recipes often vary from family to family and are passed down through the generations, there’s actually a huge variety in the texture and taste of the bread.  The underlying sharp buttermilk and soda taste is undeniable although often so subtle it’s nearly impossible to detect, it entirely depends on the baker!  These family recipes and the tradition of bread baking has traveled the world with those who have spread their wings and sought sunnier climbs…. today I don’t blame them, it’s raining …. AGAIN!  All of us in the office here at  are seriously considering a tea break and running up the road to the bakery for Brown Soda Bread!! For those of you in dryer places of the world, we salute you, we’re not remotely jealous!… No Siree 😂

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