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Tracing Family Roots? – Start Here

Posted in News on 15th October 2018

    Where to Begin? As most of you know, tracing family roots can be quite the task!  Online resources will certainly help but in order to begin, you will need to know the family name and County to search.  Irish Clan Names can be traced back as far as the Ancient High Kings, many […]

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Samhain or Halloween – Ancient Irish Tradition

Posted in News on 11th October 2018

Origins of Halloween The ancient Irish festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in) originated in Co. Meath.   It is now Internationally known as Halloween.  The tradition of carving turnips to ward off evil spirits evolved into the carving of pumpkins for a very simple reason … have you ever tried to carve a Turnip into a Jack O’ […]

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80’s Ireland – Do You Remember?

Posted in News on 4th October 2018

80’s Ireland – Before the dawn of Boy Racer Boom Boom and the era of mobile phones there was a whole other kind of teen life.  The 1980’s the decade of the Mullet haircut, hair metal, big plastic earrings (of course they weren’t gawdy!😂)  and backcombing, the music of the 80’s was really the best […]

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Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread

Posted in News on 2nd October 2018

© Image courtesy of Autumn is here, the leaves are turning 🍁🍂 and the wind is picking up.  It’s time to get cozy, eat well, keep warm and prepare for the long nights ahead.  Samhain is knocking on the door! October being a very important month in the Celtic calendar.  A tradition in most Irish […]

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The Irish Wolfhound – The Myth and Legend

Posted in News on 26th September 2018

A Dog breed older than Christ himself, the Irish Wolfhound was depicted on the Coat of Arms of the High Kings and was believed to be a fierce hunter and protector.  In early childhood, we are introduced to the Wolfhound through the stories of Irish Myth and Legend, most notably through the legend of CuChulainn.  […]

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So You’re a new Irish Citizen – Things To Know before a Visit!

Posted in News on 25th September 2018

When visiting Ireland there are things to know, things that will make your stay better, help you to make friends and best of all, help you to get the very best out of your visit.  So, you’re a new Irish Citizen, CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉🎉🎉 you came armed with an Irish Passport (to prove it), there’s a wee […]

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