No Man Is An Island – Brexit To Prove Otherwise

Posted in News on 18th September 2018


If recent reports are to be believed, Britain could very likely be on the cusp of being ostracized by the rest of the World.  That’s a daunting prospect for anyone with a connection, either Business or Personal behind UK borders.

The scramble is on for Airline Pilots to register outside the UK and apply for licencing,  either that or they will simply be … well, going nowhere!  Like the British in general, they need an escape route, an alternative way to maintain their freedom and continue to travel freely worldwide.  The British who are of Irish descent have a very valuable “Get out of Jail Free card” – simply obtain their Parents / Grandparents Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates and apply for an Irish Passport.  Applications for Irish Citizenship by descent have kept our Embassies and the Passport Office very busy since the mention of an EU split.  Reports coming out of Europe this week indicate that the panicked reaction wasn’t unwarranted! Orders for Irish Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates have been streaming in and out again as quickly …  Our International clients are in a hurry!  At  upon receipt of orders, we typically dispatch documents in 1-2 working days.

France’s Europe Minster Nathalie Loiseau has indicated this week that the door will be firmly slammed in the faces of Britons by France and Europe in general, in the very near future!  All the talk of Hard Borders, Soft Borders, Deals and No Deals would make for a funny little Sit-Com along the lines of the classic Fawlty Towers.  What an unbelievable pantomime it has turned out to be, fully equipped with its own pantomime Dame in the guise of Theresa May.  In fairness, she was not a supporter of the move to split from the EU and now must drive the train to the exit and beyond.  I don’t envy her job.  No matter what way it can be looked upon and the ethos of the split idea in the first place, it has caused absolute chaos to British citizens the World over.

With their hands tied, trade and travel in jeopardy and the potential for life changing limitations being applied by Europe –  Britain appears to have now cut its nose off to spite its face.  If there was an option to back-peddle, I’m sure they’d take it in a heartbeat, who wouldn’t?  In the absence of options, the reality of it is this … To maintain the freedoms they have, until now, taken for granted, those who have a foreign heritage are reaching for Passports that do not identify them as Britons.  The quickest and easiest route to an Irish Passport is to cut delays in ordering the necessary documents.   Proof of Lineage is an essential part of the application process.  Do your research, know the facts, then apply online at