Irish Passport – The Little Book of Global Freedom

Posted in News on 24th July 2018

According to the Henley Passport Index, Ireland has the 5th most powerful Passport in the WORLD!  Each nation is rated on the freedom of movement that their Passport affords them… Believe it or not, our little island is right up there among the best for allowing freedom of travel throughout the World.

Being an Irish Passport holder, I do thank my lucky stars that I can travel extensively without hindrance … I just wonder how all those of Irish Descent (within reason of course) do not know that it’s possible to do the same!?  I would imagine that Irish Communities all over the World would be singing this particular tune from the rooftops, alas, No!  We have enormous ex-Pat Communities all over the World and every day we are sharing vital information with them, advising on the application process and processing document orders for those in the know.  Every day it grows, new requests are made, new jokes cracked, new and unique stories are told and people walk away in the certain knowledge that the documents required to buy them their freedom are on their way to the far flung places of the World.

In an uncertain World where Brexit looms and nobody can reasonably predict its long term effects, it is surely more reasonable that those who have the possibility of securing their freedom of movement do so now … Its quite difficult to fly when one’s wings are well and truly clipped.  I had been reading a blog today about a lady in the UK who was raised by an Irish born Father and thanks to this, she had applied for and secured an Irish passport.  Although she intends to continue to live in the UK she can continue to travel for her work throughout Europe now without the difficulty she would have faced with her UK passport.  Ireland and the UK have been quite the melting pot through the years with the common travel zone dictating that we could travel freely between both mainlands.  I suspect that is about to come to an abrupt stop.  Gone are the days of economic migrants drifting to and fro across the Irish Sea.  Imagine, there was a time where Irish people went off to work in the UK without a glance backwards over their shoulders, they just packed what could fit in a bag and hopped on the ferry … decades later, their children and Grandchildren are applying for Irish Citizenship and claiming the Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates they require to do it!  We are so glad to be able to assist them in locating what they need to ensure that the freedoms afforded to them so far, will not be a thing of the past in the near future!