Irish Citizenship Through A Grandparent Born In Ireland?

Posted in News on 14th August 2018

Become an Irish Citizen by Naturalisation

If your Grandparent is/was an Irish Born Person, they were automatically a Citizen of Ireland. Even if they emigrated.  Any Child of theirs which contain Parent/s name/s on their Birth Certificate, are also considered an Irish Citizen.  They simply need to be added to the Foreign Birth Register if born outside Ireland.  The entitlement to claim Citizenship as a Grandchild of an Irish Born Person is automatic.  The procedure is quite strict. The necessary documents must first be submitted for Citizenship before an Irish Passport can be obtained.  Thereafter, Passport applications should be made through the Irish Embassy or Consulate in your Country of Residence  (Charges will apply)

The documents required for Irish Citizenship by Grandparent Descent are as follows:

  1. Your own Long Form Civil Birth Certificate but Sourced from your Country of Birth
  2. Original Civil Marriage Certificate of your parents (if applicable) and Sourced from the Country of Marriage
  3. Original Long Form Civil Birth Certificate of your Parent and Sourced from the Country of their Birth
  4. Parents Civil Marriage Certificate but Sourced from the Country of Marriage
  5. Long Form Civil Birth Certificate of Irish Born Grandparent which can be Sourced through
  6. Civil Marriage Certificate of Grandparents if married in Ireland can be Sourced through, otherwise from the Country of Marriage
  7. Civil Death Certificate of Grandparent, if deceased which should be Sourced from the Country where the Death actually occurred.


Additional Information – Irish Citizenship By Descent

These documents are all proof of lineage and are a crucial part of the application process.  Documents are supplied directly from the Country of Birth, Death or Marriage.  Following a successful application for Citizenship, a Certificate of Citizenship will be provided from the Department of Foreign Affairs – to verify your Birth entry into the Register of Foreign Births.  This Certificate can then be presented as proof of your Citizenship to an Irish Embassy or Consulate as part of an Irish Passport Application.  Please note, there are Photocopies of various other items required to support your application, the list above are the Official documents you will need in advance of an application.

  1. Link to The Irish Department of Foreign Affiars:

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