How to Register a Birth, Death or Marriage During COVID-19 Measures!

Posted in News on 9th April 2020

Covid 19 VirusWith the offices now closed, the temporary procedure for the registration of Birth, Death or Marriage events in Ireland, is as follows:

Registration of a recent Death:

You first need to obtain the Death Notification Form from the Doctor who certified the death, fill in Part 2 of the form with the personal information relating to the deceased (the Doctor will have filled in Part 1). Once this is done, go online to and in the search box at the top of the Homepage, put in “Death Registration”. This will bring you to how the Death Notification Form can be uploaded to allow the official registration of the death to take place.

Registration of a recent Birth

For Birth Registrations, go to and input “Birth Registration” and follow the instructions. Please note that for Births where the couple are not married and want the father’s name to appear on the Certificate, due to these temporary measures, only the Mother’s name will appear initially to allow you obtain a PPS Number from the Department of Employment & Social Protection. Once the offices reopen, couples can then attend an office, sign a declaration and the father can be added.

Registration of a recent Wedding:

Documents provided by the Celebrant should be posted by Registered post to the office to allow registration to take place.  We would also recommend that you take a copy / picture of these documents for your own records. Registration by post however may take a few weeks as there is a back-log.

Once a Death or Birth has been registered, the quickest way to obtain a Certificate is to go to (or phone +353 1 801 33 33) to order the certificate, advising under “additional information” when the form is been filled in that the registration was done online. As soon as the events have been uploaded to the system, the Certificates will then be dispatched.

Regarding a Marriage Certificate for a recent event, if the Marriage was a Civil Cermony, a Certificate should be available to order.  For Certificates of events where the documents were submitted by Registered Post, you can still order online advising under “additional information” that the documentation was submitted by post and provide the date that this was done.  As soon as the Certificate is available, it will be dispatched.