How Do I Get a Marriage Certificate in Ireland?

Posted in News on 30th April 2020

The fastest way to get a copy of an Irish marriage certificate is to order online. This is also the smartest choice now given the health measures in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

In fact, the government highly recommends that transactions like birth or death registration as well as the application for copies of civil certificates be done online as of the moment.

What’s even great is that this option is available to anyone, even those who are currently not in the country. Hence, even if you are thousands of miles away, you can order a copy of your marriage certificate. There is no need for you to fly in and apply in-person at the General Register Office or any civil registers office.

Fast Way to Get Irish Marriage Certificate

Aside from being convenient, applying online is also the fastest way to get a copy of your marriage certificate.

For one, this option allows you to order anytime, even at night, during weekends or holidays. This is not possible with an in-person application which can only be done during government office hours.

However, quick turnaround time can only be expected from a private company that offers this service like Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM).

Applications for civil certificates coursed through the government, whether it was done in person or online, take around 20 days to get processed. You can expect the waiting time to be even longer now as staff from government departments like the General Register Office has been re-deployed to help out with COVID-19 crisis.

With a service provider like BDM, orders are dispatched in 1 to 2 working days. Even during this pandemic, BDM still endeavours to process applications in 48 hours.

Furthermore, the company has made adjustments to keep up with changes in the policies of institutions requesting civil certificates. For example, recent orders via BDM come with PDF or scanned copies of the documents as some companies are now temporarily accepting online submissions.

However, while these private companies are still keeping up with their promise of fast turnaround time, delays may still happen, especially for copies to be delivered outside of Ireland.

Simply put:

If you need to get an official Irish Civil certificate fast during this pandemic, the only way to make this happen is to order online via a reputable company that offers this service.

Irish Marriage Certificates: What Records Are Available Online?

The database contains information on marriage events held in Ireland only. The records do not include those that were held abroad. This is because marriages are registered in the country where it took place.

Hence, if you are an Irish citizen who got married outside of Ireland, you can order a copy of the certificate where your marriage occurred. These foreign marriage certificates can be used for official transactions in Ireland which require proof of marriage.

Furthermore, the database has records of events dating back to 1864 for Catholic weddings. Some non-Catholic weddings from 1845 are also in the system.

Suffice to say, you can apply for a marriage certificate online for as long as your marriage is already registered. However, at BDM, you can place an order even for a recent event.


You just have to indicate that the documents needed for the marriage registration have just been submitted. You can place a note in the “additional information” section – state that the documents were submitted and the date when it was sent.

As soon as your marriage is registered and the certificate becomes available, BDM is going to dispatch a long-form copy of your marriage certificate.

In summary, if you need a copy of your marriage certificate, placing an order online is the most logical thing to do, especially with the COVID-19 situation. It is a convenient and fast option – one that does not require you to leave the safety of your home.

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