Current Trends in Passport Applications by Descent

Posted in News on 19th July 2018


It’s a wondrous thing to see how many International Irish Communities are currently  seeking to claim their Irish Heritage by Descent and are applying for Passports/Citizenship.  In the mid 1800’s, Famine was the main driving force behind a mass emigration.  People left in their many thousands in the hope of finding freedom and survival in many Countries around the world.  This week we are experiencing unprecedented numbers of orders for historical Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates from the generations of Irish Americans and Canadians who have decided to pursue their Irishness in the best way possible… Owning a Passport makes the heritage a little obvious dosen’t it!  Rated in the Top 5 Passports to own, this document offers enormous freedom of movement around the world … while others stand for hours in immigration queues, the Irish are kicking back and relaxing in arrivals with a hot toddy or a large coffee in hand!  Needless to say, there is a drive on to be one of them!

Those who were lucky to escape the Famine and survived the ensuing voyage to far flung places, thrived in their adopted homelands.  They built their own communities, settled down, succeeded in business and often never returned, the rolling waves of the Atlantic Coast being their last glimpse of home.  It is often commented that third and fourth generation Irish are more Irish than the Irish themselves… we often found that to be true!  Its a deep seated love of the Motherland, of their History, its like a calling from home to Irish hearts all over the World, it never goes away.  We speak to our International clients daily, they share their stories and we share a common sense of humour.  Sourcing the records that they need to finally claim their Irish heritage is beyond rewarding.  Those who have never been here have a will to come full circle and walk on Irish soil as their Grandparents and Great-Grandparents did before them, its like completing a journey which began many many years before …

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©Atlantic Shores Image courtesy of the Photographer Stephanie Daly.