Covid-19 News In Ireland

Posted in News on 25th March 2020

Covid-19 News Ireland


The Latest Covid-19 News in Ireland brought a bolt of reality to the danger facing us all in the weeks (and possibly months) ahead.

With demand for testing outstripping supply, our anxiety has been piqued.

What We’re Doing

In these dangerous days of Covid-19, we’re doing everything we can to protect ourselves at the Births Deaths Marriages Office.

Sterilizing wipes are being used in abundance.  All surfaces are being wiped down a couple of times every day.  Our light switches, door handles, desks and computer hardware are being sterilized constantly.

This fear is real! But Covid-19 is being denied access here!

We’ve all been told about the importance of washing our hands.  Washing in warm soapy water for 20 seconds can kill Coronavirus germs which may have settled on your skin!  It’s really that simple to stop the spread.

Wash it off, you cannot spread what you do not carry.  Managing it doesn’t have to be difficult.

For example,  Covid-19 viral germs making their home in the office, can be killed by wiping down with a paper towel and sterilizing solution.  Pay special attention to metal surfaces, where it can live for 12 hours.  Bin paper towels, wipes, gloves and surgical masks.  Flushing them down the toilet may just create a nasty wash-back mess on your floor.

You may imagine that people will be sensible but … not always!

Above all else, remember, clean hands save lives!


Anyone Else Getting Paranoid?

Even with all of the safety measures in place, we’re all getting a little paranoid.  Every sniffle sends us running for our thermometers.

We record our temperature twice daily.  This is done to monitor any changes in our health.  We watch for a pattern of a rise in temperature – along with other symptoms of Covid-19 infection. 

Temperature spikes, barking coughs and sore throats will be treated seriously and our staff will be asked to self-isolate and not come to work.

What are the signs?

Not to be confused with a common cold, the symptoms are quite specific.

According to the latest Covid-19 News in Ireland, tests are no longer being carried out for minor symptoms.  The lack of tests available mean that testing efforts have been re-focused.  Those showing severe and acute symptoms are being prioritized for testing.  Those in the at-risk category are being asked to – Stay Home, Quarantine, Self-Isolate and Follow Guidelines.

If you believe your symptoms are possibly Covid-19, self-isolate immediately and contact your GP.  A clinical assessment can be done over the phone.  You will then be referred for testing, only if it is deemed necessary.

Do You have a combination of the following symptoms? A barking cough (like Croup), a sore throat, a high temperature? – If so, contact your GP directly. 

**DO NOT go directly to the test centre or hospital.**



The lack of hand sanitizer available in the country has forced us to improvise and to top up supplies. Our kitchens at home have turned into mini-production lines for homemade sanitizer.  Alcohol (>60%), Aloe Vera Gel and Essential Oils are helping us to stay safe without having to sport the common aroma of Eau de Milton Fluid – that we may be reduced to otherwise.

We each have a bottle of hand sanitizer and surgical masks, gloves etc.  We’re going through them at a rate of knots!

We have each turned into our own Covid-19 task force.  Find out how to make your own hand sanitizer here:

Very luckily, our office team have lots of space between desks.  2 to 5 metres between us help us to adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines.

It is possible to work with the Covid-19 pandemic but it should be done responsibly.  Those who can work from home should.

Observing the rules, following guidelines on hygiene and being respectful of other peoples personal space gives everyone the best chance of tackling this threat.


Our Plan

We are determined to stay operational and to continue to provide our valued clients with their Irish certificates, as quickly as possible.

So far, we are still dispatching within 1-2 working days.  We intend to keep going.  We’re aware that the certificates ordered are needed for Marriages, Visa/Passport applications, Mortgages etc. also, for the Staff being called back to work in the medical profession.  Irish Certificates are in huge demand all over the world right now.

The heroes of Covid-19 rely on their documents being issued speedily.  We’re very conscious of that responsibility therfore we have all the inspiration we need to keep going.

Your Express Irish Certificates can be ordered here:

Wherever you are in the world, please keep safe.  Follow the guidelines from your Government and be sensible about your movements and interactions with others. 


This Will Soon Be Over

We hope this will be behind us soon and cannot wait for the day where we have the liberty and security we once had.

Covid-19 has brought the human race to the realisation that we are fragile and that life is a gift.

Respect that gift, protect yourself and stay vigilant.  These are days we will never forget.

We will continue to share our thoughts and progress with you on the latest Covid-19 News in Ireland and hope you’ll all bear with us as we endeavor to get your documents to you.

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