Coronavirus – The Human Impact

Posted in News on 7th May 2020

Feeling The Pressure

Three months since the news of a killer virus broke in our little island and still, there seems no let up to the misery it has brought with it.  Corona- The human impact, is anyone unaffected?

Every day we hear the saddest stories, we can’t be human and remain detached.  Whether or not our own families have been touched by this illness, it seems to creep closer and closer every day.

Each personal story makes it more real, the heartbreak of those bereaved is palpable.  We do what we can to help and advise our service users but the feeling of utter helplessness remains with us.  We’re a caring bunch here at

Dashing home for the daily uploads from Tadhg Fleming of “Catch him Derry!” fame, everyone needs one good laugh a day!  Laughing at his antics with “Alepsa”, it really is the little things that make a difference in eliminating the misery.

A Stiff Upper Lip

There are moments I think back to Dolly Parton’s famous words, “Nobody cries alone in my presence”.  That’s certainly true for a large portion of our staff.  Keeping professional boundaries in times where people are suffering is becoming more difficult all the time.  Each sad call has an effect, we are all human.  Still working on full capacity here, we answer the phone in seconds.  Just doing our bit to help.

A New Appreciation

It’s easy to rail in annoyance at the inconvenience Covid-19 has brought to our daily lives but it has also brought the best out of people.

We’re looking after one another better and checking in with the vulnerable.  More noticeably, we’re really appreciating our Health workers and those who risk life and limb to keep the country moving.

The internet has become our favourite pass-time.  Musicians host impromptu live gigs from the comfort of their own living rooms – and we can sit back and enjoy in our pyjamas 😎  Corona is not without its perks!

Grandchildren wave in windows at their beloved grandparents and make them laugh, even the little ones are doing their bit for society.  Solidarity and smiles are more infectious than Covid-19.  It may just make us a more inclusive and caring world.

What’s Going On People?

Although fear is rife in older people, recently, public complacency is building.  We are stuck indoors, many isolating or cocooning and yet the open parks are busy – our streets in constant movement.  Exercising in urban areas makes social distancing impossible, there are simply too many people doing the same thing – all using the footpath and passing within centimetres of each other.  People take to the internet to point out the packed flights leaving Irish shores, the football fields hosting gangs of teenage kids.  It’s becoming more difficult to keep our young people indoors.

We are all struggling with the lack of liberty but we really do need to be realistic about what’s going on here.  Any neglect of the facts and directions from the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) could have disastrous consequences.

Ask Yourself This …

How much exercise outdoors is really necessary?  What happened to the direction to STAY INDOORS? … Or at least on your own property!   It’s no wonder that new cases in their hundreds are being confirmed every day.  Having now crossed the 20,000 cases barrier, the Garda I spoke to this morning told me “There will be no let-up to this anytime soon”.  Sad predictions of times still to come.

Do What You Can

We all want to get back to normal as quickly as possible.  The risky behaviour of many may push that end date further and further from our reach.

Wherever possible, please stay at homeLimit contact with others and wash your hands!

Without every person taking responsibility for themselves, we will be stuck in the vicious corona cycle for a long time to come.  I’ve had enough, what about you?  I’m dreaming of walks by the river with friends, of parties, of family gatherings,…. all of the things that will feel sweeter and more precious than ever when we live those moments in the future.

Stay in and Stay safe everyone!