Brexit And The Irish Passport Rush

Posted in News on 20th July 2018

So, while aquaplaning my way to work this morning (I almost called Noah to book a place on the Ark), I was listening to a radio news story about our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar suggesting that UK flights could be banned from Irish airspace in the event of a No-Deal Brexit!  I was just thinking how many of our ex-pat community would be affected by that!  The thing is, when the future of Brexit remains so uncertain and we don’t know how it will play out in the future, those British-born Irish and their children may very well be having their wings literally clipped!  Brexit has the potential to seriously hamper travel freedom for all Britons but there is a light at the end of that big dark tunnel ….. those who have Irish heritage can claim their documents (Parents or Grandparents Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates), apply for an Irish passport and do a little spinning sidestep (Michael Flatley style) to one side, dodging the ensuing hassle and holding onto their wings in the meantime.  That’s a Win-Win and a hint at the luck of the Irish!

Isn’t it just lovely to know that there’s a possible ‘Out’ Clause for some who may otherwise be affected?!  Thinking about the bigger consequences of not claiming the Documents and its knock on effect on the future generation of Irish descent who were born in the UK, a friend cast up another thought … without the parents claiming their heritage – the children may very well lose their opportunity to claim theirs and the freedoms it affords!  Now, that’s a scary thought for any parent.  Having adult children myself who are partial to some sporadic last minute trips, I’m thanking my lucky stars that they have the freedom to move unhindered throughout the World.  Whoever would have thought that a little Burgundy book could be such a powerful thing?!

Poor old Leo has now been branded an Air Head by the British Sun Newspaper, I’m sure there was no Pun intended 😉  I suspect it will be all a case of water under the bridge by tomorrow where all will be forgiven – provided there’s no hard border …. But that’s a whole other story!

©Image – Water under The Bridge (S. Daly)