Birth Certificates – Guidance Before Order

Posted in News on 26th July 2018


Useful Information for those Ordering Long Form Birth Certificates Online:

A common trend in orders, particularly for Historical Birth records is that we are not being supplied with the Full Birth Name of the Mother.  Let me explain what we mean by this – her Birth Name is HER name at the time of her OWN birth.  That’s right, her first name and Maiden Surname.  Isn’t that difficult to find? Of Course Not!  Come on, where’s your fighting spirit?  The internet is flooded with options for Genealogy and Research.  Many of the sites are free of charge.  They are proving to be immensely useful in uncovering vital information.  Start digging, it’s amazing what you will find!  The wider family may have information you’ve forgotten you knew!  Its probably hiding somewhere in the dark recesses of your mind.  The smallest thing can spark a memory and uncover a forgotten detail.

On a serious note …. The requested criteria for search is not “Optional” information.  We request it because it is absolutely essential to the speed and accuracy of our results.

Births are filed under the Birth name of the Mother!  Who could ever predict that? Especially when we traditionally have the same name as our Father!  For this reason, we require the name to be submitted on the form.  The County of Birth must also be supplied accurately.

Finally, in cases of a Recent Birth – Please ensure that the Birth has in fact been Registered prior to an order being placed.  This is not done by the hospital, a Registration is done in person by the child’s parents at their local Office.  The Registration itself is Free of Charge.

Our ethos is to provide exemplary service, advice and speed of dispatch to our valued clients in Ireland and Abroad.  We always aim for dispatch in 1-2 working days, only in exceptional circumstances (Apostille/Adoption/Historical/Update orders) are certificates dispatched beyond 2 days…. even then, there are no unnecessary delays.  That’s pretty good going!  Our clients are informed of all developments via email, so they’re always in the loop.  Our help desk lines are open 9-5 Monday to Friday for advice, guidance and information.  Your calls will be answered in the strictest confidence by any one of our dedicated Customer Support Team.   Our BDM Staff can assist you with your query, help you to decipher information and bring your order to a conclusion in express time.

Your accuracy at the time of order may dictate the dispatch time.  In order to assist you with that, we will be supplying information about the order process periodically through the News section on the Website.  If there’s anything you’d like to ask before you place your order, give us a call on +353 1 801 33 33, we are very happy to assist you.