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Finding Family – One Woman’s Story

In 2018, we were approached by a lovely young American lady who was seeking to know the Birth Date of her Great Grandfather, the man who is responsible for her Irish Heritage. He had gone to America at a young age, settled and had his family but never forgot his roots. This is evidenced by […]

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Tales From The Workhouse – Episode 4

Posted in News on 6th November 2018

Forgotten Lives   Ian Russell,  Archaeologist and Photographer of popular Facebook Page Forgotten Lives, demonstrates the power of Imagery in this assessment of his Work in relation to the Irish Workhouse System. An Archaeologist and Photographer, Ian has been documenting the abandoned places of Ireland for quite a few years now, and that’s just in his […]

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Tales From The Workhouse – Episode 3

Posted in News on 30th October 2018

  In Tales From The Workhouse – Episode 3 we introduce you to the  County Leitrim Singer/Songwriter Mick Blake.   With Ireland’s rich History of Music and Literature, this Episode is simplistic in the sense of delivering a condensed Famine history through Micks song The Rich Mans Feast. Knowing Your History At  we feel a responsibility to […]

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Tales From The Workhouse – Episode 2

Posted in News on 23rd October 2018

Out of the 163 Workhouses which once stood in Ireland, many of them have been restored and are in use today.  Most however, are crumbling and hanging on to the last pieces of mortar with a deaths grip. Ironic isn’t it!  Tales From The Workhouse – Episode 2, will introduce you to the Photography of […]

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The Joke Box

Posted in News on 22nd October 2018

  From now on we thought we’d give all our service users the opportunity to drop us a joke by email.  This is one came into from a client a while back and we just have to share! 😆 We’ll post all contributions here every Monday.  Please feel free to email yours in to [email protected] and […]

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Tales From The Workhouse – Episode One

Posted in News on 15th October 2018

The Starving Irish Addressing the uncomfortable history of an Irish Workhouse may not be the expected article from us on a given Monday.  With the influx of applications to  from the International Community of Irish Descent, we have decided to introduce some Irish Artists and their work to you all!  In the Spirit on education […]

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