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Important Information – Please Read Before Ordering

How soon after a civil partnership can I order an official certificate online?

Only when a Civil Partnership has been officially registered, can you then apply online for any certificates that you may require. These certificates are now printed in A4 format on special security paper. If you require a change / update to the original information that was registered, this can only be done in the district where the original registration took place so please contact the relevant office in that district and they will advise on the procedures.

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Irish Civil Partnership Certificates with Apostille Stamp

115.00 each

  • An Apostille Stamp is NOT needed for documents originally issued in Ireland that are required for identification purposes within Ireland. If you do not require an Apostille Stamp with your cert, please use this form . Please Note : Required fields are marked with *
  • Date of Civil Partnership *
  • Is the date above accurate or approximate? *
  • Certificates with Apostille Stamps are only available for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland
  • I have read the Important Information and have completed the form to the best of my knowledge. *
  • If you require an Apostille Stamp, please select the country below. Stamp not required if used for Irish identification purposes.