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How far back do records of the deceased extend?

Records can be requested from 1864 to date. In order to successfully complete any search it is incumbent on you to ensure that the information you submit is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.  

Can I access death certificates registered in the six counties of Northern Ireland?

Yes we can access deaths registered after 31/12/1921, within the six counties of Northern Ireland (Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry (aka Derry) and Tyrone), however it will take slightly longer to do so.

How soon after a death can I order an official death certificate online?

You can apply online after a death has been officially registered by the next of kin or a coroner. Please also note that a hospice, hospital, GP or nursing home do not automatically register a death so if a death is a recent event, you need to obtain from the attending doctor, the “Notification of Death” documentation and register the death at your local Births Deaths Marriages office.

In the event of a stillborn birth can I apply for a certificate online?

We are unable to accept applications for stillborn children. Stillborn registrations are classed as sealed records due to its sensitive nature. The registrar can provide a certificate of stillbirth at the time of registration only to the parent signing the stillbirths register. Afterwards, the mother or father of the stillborn child can get a certified copy of the entry in the register at the Office of the Registrar-General.

How and where can I register my stillborn child?

In order to register the stillbirth a Birth Notification Form will usually be completed by the hospital staff with the parents. In the case of a home-birth, a midwife or doctor will do this.

What documentation is required?

The medical practitioner who attended the stillbirth, or examined the baby must give a certificate stating the baby’s weight and gestational age and the name and address of where the stillbirth took place.

If the stillbirth took place prior to 1st January 1995 specific evidence must be produced to prove that a stillbirth took place. This evidence can take the form of an authoritative statement in writing from the hospital, nursing home or midwife, again stating the date and place the stillbirth occurred as well as the weight or gestational age of the baby.

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