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Please Note:  SEARCH ONLY:  If you require a Search to be carried out, you are provided with a copy of the entry into the Registry Book only i.e. an email is sent to you with a scanned copy (if one is available) and not an actual certificate.  Please note that a maximum of 2 (two) search’s will be carried out per any one request so as we are not a Genealogy service, it is totally incumbent on you to ensure that the information you submit is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Furthermore, dependent on the year and/or the amount of information provided, it can take longer to process some search requests..

Only when a Civil Partnership has been officially registered, can you then apply online for any certificates that you may require.

You can apply for an official full long form Irish Civil Partnership Certificate by entering all of the required details. The Civil Partnership Act came into effect on 1 January 2011.

The tax code was amended in July 2011 under the Finance (No. 3) Act to take account of civil partnership. The Act, is retrospective to 1 January 2011 and it creates virtual parity, in taxation matters, between civil partners on the one hand and married people on the other hand. The Social Welfare code had already been amended in December, 2010 to take account of civil partnership.

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