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Apply for Adoption Birth Certificate Online

Important Information – Please Read Before Ordering an Adoption Certificate

How far back do adoption records extend to obtain an Adoption Birth Certificate?

Records are available in the Republic of Ireland from 1954 onwards. A Northern Ireland Adoption Cert are available from 1931 onwards. Please note that it takes slightly longer to process requests for an Irish Adoption Certs than it does for a standard Birth Cert.

How soon after a Birth can I order an official Adoption Certificate online?

Only after an adoption has been officially registered in Ireland, can you apply online for an Adoption Cert. These are now printed in A4 format on special security paper.

Can I request requests for Foreign Adoptions or Inter Country Adoption Birth Certificates on this website?

Yes, we accept requests for Foreign Adoptions or Inter Country Adoptions on this website but you will need to include additional information including the country where child was adopted from, the date of the adoption, date of birth of the child etc. Please note the length of time it will take to process the Foreign Adoptions or Inter Country Adoptions Certificates may vary depending on location and complexity of request.

All Certificates issued are what is known as an Original Adoption Birth Certificate and supercedes for legal purposes an original Birth Certificate.

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