Very Important Information – Please Read BEFORE Ordering Certificate :

Please Note:  If you require a Search to be carried out, you are provided with a copy of the entry into the Registry Book only i.e. an email is sent to you with a scanned copy (if one is available) and not an actual certificate.  Please note that a maximum of 2 (two) search’s will be carried out per any one request so as we are not a Genealogy service, it is totally incumbent on you to ensure that the information you submit is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Furthermore, dependent on the year and/or the amount of information provided, it can take longer to process some search requests.

Only after an adoption has been officially registered in Ireland, can you then apply online at this website to buy any certificates that you may require.

Adoption Certificates are available in the Republic of Ireland from 1954 onwards. Northern Ireland Adoption Certificates are available from 1931 onwards. Once the civil requirements have been met, for official purposes an adoption certificate is now the legal document and replaces any previous birth registration.

We can now also accept requests for Foreign Adoptions or Inter Country Adoptions on this website and you need to include additional information e.g. Country where child was adopted from, the date of the adoption, date of birth of the child etc.. Please note that it takes slightly longer to process requests for Irish Adoption Certificates than it does for standard Birth Certificates.

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Irish Adoption Certificate