Marriage Certificate – How to Apply for a Copy Online

Marriage Certificate - How to Apply for a Copy OnlineA marriage certificate is a proof that your union with your spouse is recognised by the government. Just like your birth certificate, this is a vital document that is required for various purposes.

Say, for example, you’d like to change your name on your passport or bank details after marriage, then you have to show a certified copy of the marriage certificate to the concerned authorities. Similarly, this document may be required if you are applying for a joint mortgage with or arranging property succession to your spouse.

It is highly recommended that you keep at least two copies of your Irish marriage certificate. Put one in a bank for safekeeping and keep the other copy at home in case you’d need it immediately.

Where Can You Get Your Irish Marriage Certificate?

The fastest way to get a copy of this document is to order from a company that furnishes and delivers copies of civil certificates. Service providers like Births Deaths Marriages can dispatch the copy in just two days as long as there are no issues with the application.

Ordering online is undeniably the best option if time is a concern. When you go through government agencies, the processing time may take 20 working days.

This option has been available since 2004 when the Department of Health embraced modernisation. To be more precise, it computerised the registration of births, marriages (including civil partnerships) and deaths. This made it possible to order long form civil certificates on the Internet through companies like Births Deaths Marriages, a pioneer for this type of service in Ireland.

Currently, the database contains records dating back to 1864 for Catholic weddings and 1845 for the non-Catholic marriages. Only marriages that were held in the country are in the system. Marriages that took place abroad are not registered in Ireland. If you fall under this category, then you’d have to get your marriage certificate in the country where you got married.

Are you a newlywed couple? If you’ve just recently gotten married, you can order a marriage certificate only after it has been officially registered in Ireland. The registration should be done within 1 month of the wedding date.

How to Apply for an Irish Marriage Certificate Online

When ordering your marriage certificate on the Internet, the first step (for most providers) is to create an account on their website. All you need to do is to type in your email address and create a password.


These details are for your eyes only. Do not share them with anyone to ensure the security of your account.

Once you’re registered, you can edit the information on your account such as the name and shipping address. Then, you can place your order.

To apply for a copy, click on the tab or link labelled “Marriage Certificates”. Some providers offer two options: certificate and data only.

When you pick “certificate”, a hard copy of the document is posted to you. This is what you need for various government or business transactions.

Meanwhile, when you choose the “data only” option, what you’d get isn’t a scanned copy of the certificate but information. This would do if you are just gathering data for research purposes.

Also, if it’s for a foreign government, what you’d need is a marriage certificate with an Apostille Stamp. Make sure that you choose the order form for this type of product.

After picking the right order form, type in all the required information. For brides who were previously married, they need to include their maiden name and old married name.

Ensure that all details you’ve provided are correct. This is to avoid additional charges and delays in the processing of your order.

How do you pay for this? Companies implement different payment methods. If the provider accepts payments via electronic transfer, go for this option as it is the quickest and most convenient one.

In most cases, the order isn’t processed until payment has been made. So, if you want to get the certificate fast, pay ASAP.

Expect an email informing you that your order is being processed. You can also monitor your order on the account you’ve created on the provider’s site.

To close, please remember that companies have different policies and protocols. To avoid confusion, take time to read their terms and conditions as well as their FAQs to learn about their service.

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