Apostille Stamps For Authentication Purposes

Apostille Stamps – Authentication of documents can be provided for certificates ordered through our website.

Apostille Stamps are required for Authentication purposes. Apostille Stamps are NOT required in Ireland or for Irish Embassies worldwide, for documents issued in Ireland (e.g. if you have an Irish issued Long Form Birth Certificate and are applying for Irish citizenship through an Irish Embassy – an Apostille Stamp is NOT required on this document). If you are still unsure whether an Apostille Stamp is required for whatever purpose you need it, please check with the authorities in the relevant Embassy / Country before ordering one.

Apostille Stamps are required for Authentication purposes by some Foreign governments and organisations. Please check with the Embassy for which the document is required before requesting one.  If an individual was born outside of Ireland, an authenticated birth certificate may be required, even if you are entitled to an Irish passport. The Hague Convention (1961) specifies how a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be authenticated or certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states.

Note – Timelines:   Although we typically get Certificates with Apostille Stamps issued within circa 5 working days, during peak times it may take slightly longer. We therefore strongly recommend that in order to avoid any potential delays, please submit your request as early as possible.

To order an Apostille Stamp simply select the “Certificate with Apostille Stamp” from the navigation bar at the top of this page or from the links below.

If you have purchased certificate from us and we are still processing your order, it may be possible to add a stamp before we dispatch your order. For more information please phone our Customer Services Dept on +353 1 801 33 33.