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80’s Ireland – Do You Remember?

80’s Ireland – Before the dawn of Boy Racer Boom Boom and the era of mobile phones there was a whole other kind of teen life.  The 1980’s the decade of the Mullet haircut, hair metal, big plastic earrings (of course they weren’t gawdy!😂)  and backcombing, the music of the 80’s was really the best […]

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Posted in News on 4th October 2018

Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread

© Image courtesy of Autumn is here, the leaves are turning 🍁🍂 and the wind is picking up.  It’s time to get cozy, eat well, keep warm and prepare for the long nights ahead.  Samhain is knocking on the door! October being a very important month in the Celtic calendar.  A tradition in most Irish […]

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Posted in News on 2nd October 2018