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Ties to the Motherland – Ireland

It is said that ties of Heritage, Culture and Identity do not fade yet flourish in Foreign Lands when a person emigrates.  I have found this to be true.  We speak every day to clients across the World whose sense of their Irish Identity is fiercely strong, yet many have never stood on Irish soil.  […]

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Posted in News on 30th July 2018

Birth Certificates – Guidance Before Order

  Useful Information for those Ordering Long Form Birth Certificates Online: A common trend in orders, particularly for Historical Birth records is that we are not being supplied with the Full Birth Name of the Mother.  Let me explain what we mean by this – her Birth Name is HER name at the time of […]

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Posted in News on 26th July 2018

Irish Passport – The Little Book of Global Freedom

According to the Henley Passport Index, Ireland has the 5th most powerful Passport in the WORLD!  Each nation is rated on the freedom of movement that their Passport affords them… Believe it or not, our little island is right up there among the best for allowing freedom of travel throughout the World. Being an Irish Passport […]

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Posted in News on 24th July 2018

Brexit And The Irish Passport Rush

So, while aquaplaning my way to work this morning (I almost called Noah to book a place on the Ark), I was listening to a radio news story about our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar suggesting that UK flights could be banned from Irish airspace in the event of a No-Deal Brexit!  I was just […]

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Posted in News on 20th July 2018

Current Trends in Passport Applications by Descent

  It’s a wondrous thing to see how many International Irish Communities are currently  seeking to claim their Irish Heritage by Descent and are applying for Passports/Citizenship.  In the mid 1800’s, Famine was the main driving force behind a mass emigration.  People left in their many thousands in the hope of finding freedom and survival […]

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Posted in News on 19th July 2018