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Please Note: You only need an Apostille Stamp if a foreign government has requested one.

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The Easy & SAFE Way To get a Irish Birth Certificate aka Irish Long Form / Civil Certificate



Due to the Covid19 Crisis, there are delays in fulfilling orders which are beyond our control and we ask for your patience at this time.

PLEASE FURTHER NOTE: For recent Births and Deaths, a Certificate will not be available until the relevant documentation has been officially submitted, registered and uploaded to the relevant Database.  The time-frame for this is completely beyond our control.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there may be restrictions to certain countries for postal deliveries.  But we are still processing orders using HSE safety guidelines. Orders will still be dispatched however, there may be a delay in receipt of these items in some countries. Within circa 48hrs scanned/pdf copies of dispatched orders will be accessible for download from your BDM account as many procedures have been amended to temporarily accept online submissions. If your Certificate is not yet uploaded, please contact us at [email protected] and we can forward a scanned copy of the document.

How do I get my grandparents birth certificate in Ireland?

If you are looking for a faster and easy way to get a copy of an Irish Birth Certificate, Death or Marriage Certificate or just Data confirmation (which is a “search” of the information and not an actual Certificate) of a registered event, so just click on the relevant certificate link either at the top of the page or through the information on each cert at the bottom of the page.

Reasons to get Irish Citizenship

Irish Citizens are issued with an Irish Passport and are then entitled to live, travel and work in the EU by default because only Irish citizens are eligible to vote in national and general political elections.

Irish citizens in general are entitled to more rights when compared to non-Irish citizens. Irish Citizens however also have responsibilities such as an obligation to serve on a jury of called upon.

How to claim Irish Citizenship by Descent

If one of your grandparents was born in Ireland but neither of your parents were born in Ireland, you may become an Irish citizen.

You will also need to have your birth registered in the Foreign Births Register through the Department of Foreign Affairs – more information is available in our News Section at the top of the screen.

Click on the News Section at the top of the screen to get relevant insight and then go to:


This site allows you to use most Debit/Credit Cards from any Bank  to apply for and purchase Official Long Form Certificates for events that have taken place in Ireland only. Payments are processed through Bank of Ireland’s Secure Payment Portal.




www.BirthsDeathsMarriages is an Award Winning and Secure online service was set up in 2004 with the assistance of various Government Departments to help people all around the world to obtain Long Form Irish / Civil Certificates. Please note that we are not a genealogy service.



This is a legal document available after a birth is registered in accordance with the laws of Ireland. Records are available from 1864. A Birth Certificate is required for many different tasks e.g. to apply for a Passport, to enrol a child in school, probate, obtain a PPS Number, to get married etc.
Find out more and order an Irish Long Form Birth Certificate.


Among many reasons that this legally recognised document is required include by Banks and Solicitors to carry out probate of a Will, to obtain any death benefits etc. Records are available from 1878.
Find out more and order an official Irish Death Certificate.


This legal document is available after a civil/church marriage occurs in Ireland. Records of marriage events are available from 1864 with some non-Catholic marriages from 1845. A Marriage Certificate is for example required for property purchases, to provide confirmation to banks or if a woman wants to change her name.
Find out more and order an Irish Marriage Certificate.


These official certificates are available since 2011. Following the introduction of the Marriage Act 2015, a Civil Partnership can now no longer be registered and same sex couples can now apply to marry.
Find out more and order an official Civil Partnership Certificate.


Apostille Stamps are required for Authentication purposes. They are not required in Ireland or for Irish Embassies worldwide. We offer all certificates with and without Apostille Stamps.
Find out more and order an Apostille Stamp.



Due to a regular and increasing number of complaints received we have been made aware that there are some copycat type websites claiming to provide our efficient and award winning service. We wish to categorically state that we have absolutely NO affiliation to other providers and cannot be held responsible for their actions. PLEASE check your email/invoice for confirmation of where you ordered before contacting us. We DO NOT use PAYPAL.



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